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    BREA 2016 Conference Format & Presentations

    Barbados Renewable Energy Association BREA 2016 Conference
    Day One Session- Opening Session

    1) Featured Address: The Right Honourable, Freundel J. Stuart, Q.C., M.P.
    Prime Minister of Barbados
    Remarks – PM Speech – Caribbean Sustainable Energy Conference 2016

    2) Remarks: Dr. Delisle Worrell
    Governor of the Central Bank
    Remarks – Dr. DeLisle Worrell

    3) Remarks: Mr. Clyde Griffith
    Executive Director of the Barbados Renewable Energy Association
    Executive Director of the Barbados Renewable Energy Association


    Day One Session 2- Getting the Policy Right: Establishing a Policy BluePrint for Moving Sustainable Energy Goals

    4) Dr. Devon Gardner -(Head of the CARICOM Energy Unit)- ‘’Caribbean Energy: The Future We Want’’
    DEVON O.NIEL GARDNER – Caribbean Energy – BREA Conference
    5) Mr. Mark Glick- (Administrator of the Hawaii State Energy Office)-‘’ Creating a Policy Bue Print for Energy Sustainability: The Hawaii Experience’’
    MARK GLICK-MBG Caribbean Energy Conference.NUMBERS

    6) The Honourable Didier Dogley -(Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change-Seychelles)- ‘’100% Renewable Energy Seychelles: NAMA Support Project & 100% Renewable Seychelles’’
    DIDIER DOGLEY_RE 100_ Seychelles

    7) Dr. William Hinds ( Chief Energy Conservation Officer-Division of Energy)-‘’ The Barbados Solar Model: The Barbados Exeprience’’
    Day One Session 3- Financing Energy Independence in the Caribbean

    8) Ms. Laura Berman -(Energy Specialist World Bank)-‘’World Bank Perspective: Options Available to the Region for Scaling Up Renewable Energy’’
    LAURA BERMAN_WB Energy Climate Financev2

    9) Ms. Tessa Williams-Roberston (Head of the Renewable Energy/ Energy Unit)- ‘’ Financing Energy Independence: The CDB Perspective Options Aailable to the Region vis-a-vis Renewable Energy

    10) Mr. Christiann Gischler- (Energy Lead Specialist, Inter American Development Bank) ‘’The IADB Perpective-Options Available to the Region vis-à-vis Renewable Energy’’
    CHRISTIAAN GISCHLER-BREA meeting Barbados Caribbean Energy Christiann Gischler Nov 10 2016

    11) Mr. Aidan Rogers- (President of the Barbados Renewable Energy Association)-‘’ Unleashing Sustainable Energy Investments: Solutiions for Low to Middle Income Communities’’

    12) Dr. Erwin Edwards- (European Union Technical Assistance Facility Expert) ‘’The EU in the region on Sustainable/Green Energy & The Actions of the EU-Caribbean Conference’’

    Day Two Session 1- Development Planning for Caribbean Energy Indepnedncd Creating a 100% RE Pathway
    13) Dr. Mark Cummins-(Chief Town Planner and Country Planning Department) Planning Challenges for Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the Barbadian Landscape
    MARK CUMMINS-final renewable energy

    14) Mr. Christian Stoebich- (Vice President, Head of Business Development Andritz Hydro, Germany ) Pumped Storage as the Backbone of a Future 100% Renewable Energy Power System for Barbados
    CHRISTIAN STOEBICH-161111_BREA_Pumped_Storage_Input_v00

    15) Professor Hendrick Lund- ( Professor, Department of Planning and Development, Aalborg University) 100% Renewable Energy Supply: Lessons Learnt from the Danish Experience.
    HENRIK LUND-Barbados_November2016

    16) Professor Olav Hohmeyer-( Professor of Energy Economics, Flensbury University Germany) 100% Renewable Energy Barbados: Next Steps Towards a Sustainable Energy Future
    1 Session Olva Hohmeyer – Next steps towards 100_ RE

    17) Dr. Thomas Rogers-(Lecturer,Univeristy of the West Indies) Making the Best Use of an Outstanding Wind Energy Resource:Measuring and Mapping Wind Energy in Barbados
    Thomas -BREA conference – wind energy presentation

    18) Mr. Todd Kerschbaum- (Vice-President of Global Energy MWH Constructors) Regulatory Drivers for Biomass in the United Kingdom
    TODD KERSCHBAUM-BREA Conference Panel presentation -Regulatory Drivers forBiomass-MDV3

    Day Two Session 2-Empowering Civil Society Through Community- Based Sustainable Energy Engagement Projects
    19) Professor Olav Hohmeyer- ( Professor, Energy and Natural Resources, University of Flensburg Germany )Citizens Participation: The Key to Barbados’ Sustainable Energy Future
    2 Session Olva Hohmeyer – Citizens participation the key

    20) Mr. Paul Black- (Clean Nova Scotia Consultant and Mnaging Director) It Takes a Village to Build a Wind Mill: Community Renewables in Nova Scotia Transition from King Coal to Cleaner Energy
    PAUL BLACK-FINAL Presentation Nov 4 2016

    Day Two Session 3- Linking Sustainable Energy Strategies with Various Sectors
    21) Dr. Rebekah Shirley- (Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory University of Berkeley) ‘’Sustainable Energy and Transport’’
    Rebekah Shirley BREA_Presentation_7.11.2016

    22) Ms. Loretta Duffy- Mayers- (Program Director of the Caribbean Hotel Energy Efficinecy Taskforce) ‘’Sustainable Energy and the Caribbean Hotel Industry’’
    LORETTO DUFFY-MAYERS Making it happen conference- Nov 2016.pptx.Loreto

    23) Mr. Gerard Borely- (Chief Execeutive Officer, Caribbean LED Lighting) ‘’Achieveing Sustainable Energy Goals’’
    GERRAD BRODEY-BREA Conference gb

    24) Mr. David Bynoe- (National Coordinator GEF Small Grants Programme) ‘’Sustainable Energy and Agriculture’’
    DAVID BYNOE-BREA International Conference _Autosaved_

    25) Mr . Chuck Faulkner- (General Manager, Efficiency One) ‘’Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Industry’’
    CHUCK FAULKNER-BREA Conference Nov 11 16 FINAL

    Day Two Session 4- Transition Strategies for Existing Energy Entities
    25) Dr. Marsha Athereley-Ikechi- (Director of Utlity Regulation, FTC)‘’Tomorrow -EE’’

    26) Ms. Felicia Cox- (Renewable Energy Officer, Barbados National Oil Company) ‘’From Oil to Energy: Exploring the Transformation of Barbados National Oil Company to a Leading Energy Company’’
    Felicia Cox_BNOCL Transition v 1110

    27) Mr. Roger Blackman- (Managing Director of BL&P) ‘’Transitioning Strategies for Existing Utlities’’
    Roger Blackman BREA Presentation

    28) Mr. David Barrett-(Principal Consultant, Enbar Consulting, Jamaiaca) ‘’Establishment of Sustainable Energy Civil Society Organizations’’
    DAVID BARRETT-BREA Sustainable Enegry Conf-Nov 2016

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