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    The Barbados Renewable Energy Association (BREA) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) focused on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency at the residential, commercial, industrial and national Levels.

    The Association is the brainchild of four (4) persons who met back in August 2010.
    The idea for the formation of the Association came about because these men of like minds – Mark Hill; Joseph Kellman; Peter Gollop; Clyde Griffith – saw the need to work towards removing Barbados from the vulnerability of the international decision making of oil barons whose prices have become a bane to our economic development.

    The grouping realized that small economies like Barbados, have no input in the international price of oil and the country was captive to rising oil prices costing millions in scarce foreign exchange reserves. Not only was oil costing our economy in hard currency! Our environment continued to be despoiled by the carbons emissions resulting from high consumption of “dirty” oil.

    BREA was therefore formerly registered as an NGO in May 2011. In the initial stages, we “borrowed’ constitutions from like-minded NGO’s until we formulated our own in 2013 through the leadership of Mr. Nigel Bennett, an Attorney-at-Law. As a youthful organization, BREA has gone through several challenges. But our vision, first conceptualized at the outset, remains the same.

    The Association’s Vision Statement is “To create a business environment in renewable energy conservation and energy efficiency initiatives in Barbados conducive to ensuring a sustainable present and future.”

    The Association’s Mission Statement is “To facilitate the growth and development of renewable energy and promote the adoption and implementation of renewable energy, energy conservation and energy efficiency initiatives in Barbados.

    BREA Address : Level 2,
    Tom Adams Financial Centre
    Church Village, St Michael,Barbados

    E-Mail : info@brea.bb
    Tel : + 1246-622-2017
    Fax : +1 246-622-2017